About us

Who we are, and a brief history…

We desire to not only encourage all our members in their faith, but also to reach out to the community around us with the message of the good news, relate the Bible to our lives, and to share our faith in the Lord Jesus.

Some of the activities we utilise to help achieve this in addition to fellowship meetings, are, providing a “friendship group” for anyone to attend on a monthly basis, regular door to door work in the locality which also offers people a free copy of the Jesus film DVD and a range of other Christian literature, and providing the Good News magazine monthly to areas of the local community.

Stoke Canon Christian Fellowship also funds and delivers an annual scenic calendar displaying Bible verses to every home in the local area. Recently in co-operation with the local school we have been able to provide children’s calendars for every pupil.

We have strong links to other churches, our local school and community, and we keenly support national and world mission.

If you are on holiday or a new member of the local community, and you would like to come and share fellowship with us you will be assured of a warm welcome.

If you would just like more information about us or request one of our monthly newsletters please get in touch with us via the details on our contact page.

Photography Credit

All landscape pictures of the Exe Valley, by kind permission of Alison Day on Flickr.

A brief history

The fellowship was founded in the late 1800’s by a farming family from North Devon, and the current building which has recently been modernised and refurbished was built nearly 120 years ago after the group expanded and the room they were meeting in became too small.

In those days the only traffic pollution the area might have experienced on the main road through Stoke Canon was useful for putting around your garden roses!

Indeed a connecting building to the main chapel which we have recently had converted into a new toilets suite was used to shelter the horses whilst meetings in the chapel were under way!

The fellowship has always been completely autonomous and trusting the Lord in regard to its own finance and direction. The fellowship has always enjoyed meeting with Christians from many other churches, and from time to time we host special evenings for people to come and enjoy fellowship with us in music or bible teaching.

Chapel members in 1907

Above: Chapel members as they were in 1907